Monday, January 10, 2011

Making it happen!

Riding the bus has been fun, but I do long for the summer days when I was able to ride my bike. Fortunately, because the bus system in Denver is so robust I have been 100 percent successful in my pledge to continue using alternative transit to work. (Take that, mean blogger who said I would fail by the first snow.)

For Christmas, I have asked for more winter-friendly bike wear. I do need those boot cover things that keep your feet warm and some sort of mask. My husband laughed when I bought what he called a “ski” face mask. I had to educate him that it was meant for biking. Ha!

I have missed the bus - twice. The first time I was taking the bus at 1 p.m. to return home early for the shorter work week over Thanksgiving (24 hour work week for someone who works 10 hour days means I can leave after half a day – or in my case later because I had too much work). That bus was early and she didn’t even slow down with all my flailing and yelling. Fortunately, my friend Amber was returning from lunch and drove me to catch up with the bus so I didn’t have to wait for the next one. The second time I missed the bus was the 5:03 I was taking to connect to the 6 to go to a cooking class. I came back into the office downtrodden dragging my backpack (yes, my new purse is a backpack – I’ve given in to commuting convenience over style). Fortunately for me, our CEO was headed in the same direction for an event and he gave me a ride!

My friend and neighbor George continues to offer me a ride anytime he has one. I have learned to take him up on this as much as possible. Getting home earlier than usual feels like a welcome treat.

I also telecommuted one day last week. The zoo was giving a presentation at Basha’s school in the morning that I wanted to see and Basha had a dance recital in the evening. It made sense to stay home - close to see these festivities – versus taking an hour’s bus ride from the zoo. In addition to thoroughly enjoying watching both events, it was one of the most productive days I have had in a really long time. It’s amazing what you can do without interruptions! I feel caught up, which pretty much never happens.

There has been an increased need to find routes to meet up with friends and family at different locations throughout the area. So far, the bus has been able to accommodate all of these with ease. Perhaps my new favorite route is the “R” which picks me up at an exception stop in front of the museum (meaning you have to wave or they keep driving) and takes me to Civic Center Station. From there I catch the 82X to Belmar in Lakewood where I then can meet the family for dinner, ice skating and shopping – it’s great!

Certainly this holiday season I am thankful that I have such a great family, employer and coworkers. I feel fortunate that I my employer also provides a bus pass! Thanks to the pass I have saved more than $600 on gas money since July. Don’t worry though - I’m doing my best to spend it elsewhere.